Limbs for Picchio Ash

Limbs pair for PICCHIO TD bow, Ash wood under clear fiberglas, length of 62", reinforced for new generation fast string, D75 string included with silencer and nock point installed if ordered with their handle or if requested for standard actual handle.
These limbs provide a very good energy yield and fast arrowspeed,despite of cheap price.
They are compatible with any version of Picchio bow also older ones.

By ordering one set of limbs and one riser you will get the full bow ready to shoot with: Screws, Washers, Wrench tool, Soft Bowcase, String with nock point and silencer installed and shelf rest installed.

The suggested brace high is 7” for the new handles (from 2013) and 7½" on oldest.
The weight suggested are, approximately, as follows:
• 30 - 35 suitable for woman or beginner man
• 37 - 40 suitable for well trained women or amateur man
• 43 - 45 suitable for competitor man
• 47 - 50 suitable for hunters
• 55 - 60 just for big animal hunters
Please consider the indicated weight is for standard 28” draw length. Real weight change for different dew length.

There are no technical difference between these limbs and the black fiberglass ones but just a nicest look and a better finishing for these ones.


142,00 €

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