Arrow case

Our arrows could rapresent a danger and could be demaged if stored unproperly in our car after shooting. Specially our natural feathers are easely demaged if compressed to other objects.
After a shooting session under the rain the problem became dramatical, if they are not allowed to dry without any contact to others object, they will not return to original form.

Some archers just store their arrows into the quiver for ever and the feathers last really a few. This box rapresent the best solution to store and carry your arrows in the best and safest way.
I suggest to place each arrow in the opposte direction from its next and to slide each one to the better position to keep feathers far from next (if your arrow are shorter then 33 inces). This way I have stored up to 30 carbon arrows.

The box is made of clear plastic and has foam to keep arrows in place and a simple but strong closure.

Dimension 33" x 5.9" x 3" = 83 x 14 x 8 cm


34,00 €

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