Precision weigh scale

Precision scale for weighing shafts and point, has a special plate to hold shafts and point in place during weighting.
Accurate to the hundredth of a gram scale in grams, grains, Penny, Ounces, Carats.
The protective cover is removed completely, leaving the maximum freedom to weigh shafts or full arrows.

If you decide to check the weight of your wooden arrows you have to decide a range within which they will be considered perfect. I had decided to accept within one gram. You can then adjust them by adding something in the tip or reduce it with a file to adjust as well.
The discarded shafts can be used as FluFlu or adjusted with the same method and used for training.

Indispensable to weigh wooden arrows. You'll find out that, for a given diameter, the shafts that have the same weight also have a spine very similar and therefore also works a bit as spinetester.
It is also great for selecting carbon shafts.


11,00 €

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