Elm lamination 38 x 2mm x 180cm

Elm lamination for longbowmacking or also for thin recurves, large 38mm = 1½", thick 2mm = .080", long 180cm = 71".

This wood lamination with parallel thickness has to be glued between two fiberglass laminations with the proper epoxy glue to make a bow. the number and thickness of these laminations between the fiberglass ones make the bow weight
To get the wished bow weight at first try result pretty difficoult because it depends from many factors: Bow lenght, bow line and shape, gluing pressure and technique and the total thickness that we can change by modify the number and thickness of wood laminations.
At the end, also the limbs large is rilevant and by wary it we can adjust the bow weight.

Just to give an approssimative idea, to make a 68" traditional strigth longbow with 4 laminations of 2mm could end up with a 50 - 55# and with 3 of them at a 40 - 45#. we may count a paund each tenth of millimeter about.

About the bow performances, the wood type has no effect at all but on its beauty and overall walue, it matters a lot. Elm represent one of the best choiche because it nice ligth browm color and fancy veins. Also its elevate consistancy even with low weigth rapresent a positive advantage.

This laminations are perfectly dried and the surfice is ready for gluing. Avoid to wet and durty them to get a perfect result.


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