Longbow making kit

For those who want to try realize their own longbow, this kit comprise all needed: 2 clear fiberglass 1,80m x 1mm thick 4 Elm wooden stripes 1.80m long and 2mm thick 1 horn pieces for 2 tips 300gr epoxy glue. ABOUT THE BOW WEIGHT: The final bow weight of the longbow made is difficult to tell. It is always difficult to get the exact weight, specially at the first try. Many factor influence the strength of a bow, non only the material thickness: The bow length, the shape, the gluing pressure (and sometimes other elements difficult to tell). The last one is the limbs width which can be adjusted to fits your need. The longbow limb width (from base to tip) can run from 27 to 11mm at 35 to 20mm. In this range, many pounds can change and you can use this opportunity to adjust your longbow weight. If and wen you will made a second ones, you can use the previous experience to be nearest to the desired weight. The kit come with 4 lamination of 2mm thick Red Elm wood. Let me say if you use all of them you can have chance to obtain a 45-60 longbow, by using just 3 of them you can get under 45# bow. With just 2 of them you can get a bow under 30#. Then, to be more accurate, you would need different thickness lamination but that would involved you into a more professional work. Our laminations are parallel because we think this kit is designed for an "amateur" bow production and the TAPERED laminations are more expensive to produce and the difference can be effective just into a more "professional" made bow. Anyway you can find a way to taper just one of the lamination and this would be enough to obtain a superior bow. We do not include a design with the kit because it is much more satisfactory if you decide your bow design by cooping a longbow you like or using your imagination. To produce a traditional straight longbow is much simpler because you can use a straight wood axis as bow form. If you prefer to go with a REFLEX-DEFLEX style longbow, you will have to cut your own form to the desired shape. You can find a lot of instruction on HOW TO MEKE A LAMINATED LONGBOW on web. My instruction is to cut the SHELF REST (the place to hold the arrow) about 4cm above the bow centre. GOOD WORK!

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