Filippo Donadoni shooting into a bowhunting competitionI'm sure the mental process behind the aiming with two open eyes pointed on the target without a sight or an arrow point reference is something great into human thinking. Something taking our been away from usual daily working process (like economical compute, business talking, computer using, etc.) and taking us back into the human story and back again into the evolution of predator superior animals which have been able of AIMING.

A predator is different from a vegetarian animal for many reason, but one is the way he use eyes; the predators look the same object (target) with the two eyes and it mean he's AIMING, his brain is able to "reason the space" and to plane a shoot, even if it is a lion jump, an eagle fly, or a stone throw. To be under the look of someone could take into embarrassment and seems some animals as butterfly have two "eyes" drawing on back to scare away other animals, this because the two eyes looking is synonym of "to be aimed by a predator".

The complex gesture to drawing a bow, looking a target to shoot to it is something the ZEN philosophy believe able to help a human brain to elevate himself up to a superior been and I think they wasn't far from true; I'm sure it is a great experience for each one.

If we think how accurate could be a tennis champion, or a basket player to estimate the distance of the target and put the ball where he is looking, we understand it is something great! and how much accurate this could be is the mission of any instinctive shooting to discover!

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