How to use a bow square and tune the stringThose that are interlaced by hand (Flemish) are often prefered with the Custom bows for their beauty and because they also are made by hand but also an industrial string is ok. The Fast Flight strings that are used with the bows of the last generation, more rigid, or better less extensible, present us a bit of more speed, but subject the bow to a superior stress, reducing the duration; so they are suggested only with the bows that are expressly made to support them.

If you want to use this type of string, I suggest you to use more rigid arrows to counterbalance the sharper push and heavier to ensure the duration of the bow.
With some silencer besides you will be able to hold the problem of the vibrations.

The bracing (distance between the string and the bow):
to reach the right brace high you must roll up the string on herself (the brace grow long) or unroll her (the brace high become short).
I recommend you to control that the rolling up is on the same verse of the serving’s rolling up, practically the coils of the serving must tighten themselves, otherwise the string will dismember herself in less time .

The measure of the brace is tipical of every bow and generally it is indicated by the maker ; indicatively , for the greatest number of the recurve traditional bows the right brace is between 7 & 1 inches to 9, the longbows works at 6 & 1/2 inces.

Who want to be more refined and to study by himself the brace more adequate to the couple of the bow and the shooting stile have to know that decreasing the brace , he will obtain an increase of the arrow speed, but also of the vibration and of the unsettled .
If you consider that precision is always more important by the speed , i suggest to increase the brace till a half inch more that how much is suggested, and to shoot some series of arrows, decreasing the brace high every time of about 1 inch .

At a moment you will warn a strong drop of stability, accompanied by the increase of the noise. Making a back step, you will obtain the best brace.

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