Filippo Donadoni instinctive shooting traditional bowThe arrow rest on a shelf on the base of the window. The string is held back with the index above the nock and the middle one and the ring finger under.

The bow is drawed with the bow and the head slightly tilted and with both the open eyes. The anchoring is with the finger index to the angle of the mouth and it is released after few instants of intense concentration on the target.
This natural technique of shooting, internationally defined today "Instinctive shooting", finds confirmation in the greatest part of news that have come there on the primitive archers.

The most fascinating and controversial part of the Instinctive shooting is, surely, its aiming sistem. Above all who has just familiarity with other methods of aiming, will consider impossible to address the arrow to the center without coinciding (to superimpose optically) some point of the bow or the arrow with the target.
For the big teachers of this school, as Howard Hill or Fred Bear, the thing resulted absolutely instead natural, they spoke of concentration on the center and they defined the bow as natural prolongation of our arm.
These concepts result of more difficult comprehension for the neophytes.
In our style the inclination of the bow and the anchoring point so low take away any reference from the target leaving us only a good visual field.

This allows our brain to analyze, without make us of it count, the three-dimensional space between the target and we and to look for the feeling that the shaft is addressed correctly; in that instant the hand will open alone!
This, as all the human capacity, need of training to be refined, but the results to which it can bring, with the time, could surprise anyone.
Do you, for example, think about some champions of bottles or tennis, as can they check so well where the ball will go?
The bigger satisfaction for the one who it tries of to spread this philosophy they are childrens. Naturally brought to believe without preconceived to the fables, they get the more sensational resulted in little time.Traditional archery competition

The Instinctive shooting has one logic of his application in particular shooting situations. Absurd is to think about competing with this style in FITA competitions where it is thrown up to 90 meters. You can't consider anymore of instinctive shooting over the 40 meters, where the arrow parable becomes such not to been able to be conceived and correct.
Our technique finds his more consistent application, and become more vantageous than the others in the shooting to unknown distances, never repeated, to targets in movement clay pigeon, flowing outlines or rolling balls) or where you want throw in little time and without the possibility to appraise the distance of the target exactly.

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