Extra fine selection

Fine hand selection, weighing and spinning of shaft. Ordering this option for the same number of shafts, they will be hand selected for straightness, weighed with a tolerance of + - one gram and rechecked in spine.

I import just the PREMIUM quality shafts, the first. Thay have already been selected and spined. If you want an extra fine , handmade selection and weighing (they have not been weighed at origin), my suggestion is to purchase a larger quantity and do the selection by yourself. This way the shafts remained out of selection are also yours and you can use them for FluFlu or other “strange” shooting but if you really want to receive just the right shafts, this option can works for you.

Of course the wooden shafts you can not expect the uniformity and straightness of carbon but if you really want to be picky, be aware the straightness is not as important as you think and also a wooden shaft can be easily rectified (and you can also easily bend even just leaving it incorrectly leaning). Pretty important, as well as spine, is the weight which may vary from several grams and it is not measured at the source. So weighing the shafts is a practice quite indispensable if times get serious. Also consider that, for the same diameter, shafts with similar weight will almost certainly be a spine-like.


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