Leather harmguard

Double split leather harm guard with a plastic stripe inside to better protect. 15cm long with elastic and velcro fastening.
The different measures refers just to elastic size: S= for girls or young boys with thing harms, M= for medium harms, L= for males e XL= for males wit particularly muscular harms.

First thing, the harmguard is necessary. I mean if the string doesn’t hit the harm at end of its run, something is wrong in your position. Of course just at end of its run, so it would not be needed longer then 15 cm about. Either if the string hit your harm in the inside of the elbow area you mast revise your position, before to decide to use a longer harmguard.

come usare il parabraccio per tenere la manica lontano dalla corda dell'arcoIn case you wear something not suitably tight, the harm guard could, also, keep the wear clear from string trajectory . It is enough to torce the clote as shown in the pict.

The harm guard has just to protect your harm from string, so any material and shape is ok if you just like it. this is simple and cheap but it works.


6,00 €

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