Riser stabilization

About half a pound of lead is added in the two ends of the riser, near to the screw insert, to gain the maximum weight possible. To make this possible the lead and the riser are held together with epoxy resin, this adds strength to the riser and the lead is covered by a thin piece of wood to keep the riser as good looking as possible.
The stabilizing effect these weight makes is impressive and it isn’t comparable to simply having a heavier riser, since the weight is added where it has the most positive effect. This modification can be made on a new riser, asking for it during the purchase, as well as on a used riser, you’ll just have to ship it to us for a few days, and your used riser’s warranty will be renewed for two years

This “Modification” can be a valuable alternative to heavy washers, wich aren’t really nice to see on a wooden bow, but they can also be used with this riser for an even more stabilizing effect.

Adding these weights to this riser has astonishing results, and it turns this already great riser in an even more precise piece.


75,00 €

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