Stalker TD recurve bow

JOHN A. JORDAN works alone in Ohio. He does it with a great modesty and he doesn't make a great advertising to his work. This could be the reason why his name is not so famous among USA bowyers. I found him during a long trip crossing USA and I felt after the first shoot I was testing a really good bow.r He produces just a recurve TD, nothing else then a solid, fast, accurate TD recurve. Without a great excess valuable details, the right bow for those who look just for essential, high performance, hunting bow. Red Elm limbs with clear fiberglass, real hardwood riser with a great comfortable grip, 58", 60" and 62" of length, but, on the contrary to the most of recurve bows, the different lengths are not just the results of the shorter riser or limbs. The limbs design of the 58" is totally different from the longer, peculiarly studied for this length; should be for this reason than the 58" performs as well as the 62". The bow carries fast flight string.

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