Take down lightweight recurve bow, for whoever has a small hand and needs a low weight bow. The riser is made with Shedua wood, to be used with a shelf rest, the limbs are in Ash with black fiberglass. You can use it with modern strings such as fastflite or dyanema. 56” long, 8125g string and casing are included.

The length of this bow of 56” is ideal for draw lengths of up to 27”. Ideal if combined with super light arrows, for a straighter parabola, like Ambition 1800 - 1300 with 40 or 50 gn point.
For this bow’s weight you must considered that it is still measured at 28” and that at the draw lengths of kids and girls of 22” - 25” the effective weight shall decrease of around one pound for every inch.

It often happens to see on the shooting fields many wives, kids and girlfriends shooting with the most strange bows, which sometimes are too long and heavy, or also nice bows with disappointing performances. This kind of bows, combined with heavy arrows which are also maybe not the right spine, results in accentuated parabolas which make it very difficult to hit targets at competition distances. The arrows often won’t even stick into the target or might even be lost. The Frustration is big, especially for a cub which has just started shooting from junior distances.
All of that had to end! Here is the solution! A simple bow, nice to see, in high quality wood of the right length and weight at a cheap price. With it’s lightweight and fast limbs and a dyanema string, combined with lightweight arrows allows straight shots also at maximum competition distances. HAVE FUN!


140,00 €

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