Picchio Riser Beli

PICCHIO riser in Beli, starting from my technical experience with regard to functionality, the collaboration with a professional designer who took care of the original and elegant appearance gave birth to this bow.

A comfortable grip and a riser shelf which has been especially designed for instinctive shooting with a mat, to ensure a clean arrow exit and optimal stability.

Made of Beli wood, light colored with irregular hazelnut veins. It looks like Zebrano but is less contrasted and lighter weight.
Average weight is 580g, which makes it a light riser, specially suitable for boys and girls, but also hunters who have to walk for a long time in the mountains.

Available for right (RH) or left-handed shooters (LH). Also includes a case, installed mat, screws, washers and Allen key.
This handle is made of natural solid wood of a single block for maximum elegance and solidity. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, the color and the veins will differ from the image which is only indicative.


170,00 €

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